Твір на тему: "How do you look on being screened?" / Як ви ставитесь до того, що вас будуть показувати на екрані?

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Kateryna Mydza

Imagine you are doing shopping in one boutique of your favorite chain stores or you are cooking or cleaning your house or having time with your children and you are screened for all that time. Do you think you are accused of crime and police are going to arrest you? Actually, no, you are the center of attention in your lovely TV show. Reality shows have their pros and cons. How non-stop screenings influence our lives?

On the one hand, the benefits of reality shows are obvious. Firstly, they are quite funny.  Viewers are taken aback by them. Authority demands such type of show as they want to relax in front of TV after exhausting day.  One more advantage of these grabbing shows is gaining an experience. For instance, participants of a vocal reality show gain new heights as there are everyday rehearsals with the best teachers ever.  In addition, they are always in the public eye. As a result they are getting popular and open a new road to get higher in their career. Moreover, participants have an ability to try themselves in various life situations.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages. The main drawback of reality shows is a kind of cruelty. Sometimes people are objects of ridicule. If you are a fashion victim or you are out of fashion; you are scruffy or well-dressed; you are good mannered or impolite, remember these characteristics may be hilariously exaggerated. Another point against reality shows is losing privacy. All elements of your everyday life will be shown to others. Sure, you can adapt and even take to it, but then you lose your personality. And last but not least, people gossip about you whatever you do. You may appeal to them and go off in a moment.

All things considered, I think that being screened 24 hours per day is quite hard and exhausting. I would rather not take a share in such kind of entertainment. And I fully agree with this statement of Marlon Brando: “Privacy is not something that I'm merely entitled to, it's an absolute prerequisite.


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