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- to develop pupils' confidence when doing shopping in English;

- to instil politeness in English usage;

- to revise active vocabulary;

- to practise the degrees of comparison of mono- and polysyllabic adjectives;

- to improve productive and reproductive speech, reading, writing and listening skills.

Equipment: a tape recorder; a VCR/DVD player, a videotape/DVD with a TV-guide on London, pictures.



T: Good morning, dear pupils! Our today's topic is shopping. And we are going shopping in the capital of England. What is the capital of England?

Ps: The capital of England is London.

T: What's the title of Unit 3?

Ps: Doing Shopping.


T: Let's revise the names of the shops we usually buy these goods at.

Where do you usually buy newspapers and magazines? (At the newsagent's.)

Medicine and shampoo? (At the chemist's.)

A pair of trainers and a T-shirt? (At the sports shop.)

A bar of soap and a tube of toothpaste? (At the chemist's.)

Meat, chicken and sausages? (At the butcher's.)

Skis, skates and balls? (At the sports shop.)

Buns, biscuits, or cakes? (At the baker's.)

What can we buy in these shops? (Picture-based conversation. Pictures of different shops are stuck to the blackboard)

T: So today the topic of our lesson is "Shopping in London". Write it down into your notebooks. Before we start it, let's go back and revise all the dialogues connected with shopping.

(Acting out dialogues in pairs.)




1. Listen to the questions and work out the answers to them in pairs.

1. Is a bike more economical than a car?

2. Is Kyiv Zoo more famous than London Zoo?

3. Is Winnie-the-Pooh more interesting than Alice in Wonderland for you?

4. What kind of transport is the most comfortable?

5. What car is the most expensive?

6. What city is the most beautiful?

2. Put the words into the correct order to restore the questions.

1. more economical Is than a car a bike?

2. Is more Kyiv Zoo famous London Zoo than?

3. Is Winnie-the-Pooh more than Alice in Wonderland interesting for you?

4. What kind of is the most comfortable transport?

5. What the most car is expensive?

6. is What city beautiful the most?

3. Ask each other the same questions in pairs.


T: Let's revise the degrees of comparison of adjectives.


1. Put the adjectivesfrom the box into two columns: short adjectives (monosyllabic) and long adjectives (polysyllabic). Write the comparatives and superlatives of these adjectives.

Young, old, light, expensive, famous, fantastic, short, bad, cheap, comfortable, good, interesting, beautiful, economical, fat, strong.

Short adjectives


Long adjectives


slow — slower — the


wonderful — more

wonderful — the most


2. Play "Takeyour turn"game with a ball.


P I : big — P2: bigger — P 3 : the biggest.


Before listening

T: Try to guess what the following text is about with the help of such words as souvenirs, tourists, the capital of Britain, choose and buy, places to visit.

We are going to listen to the text about one of the most famous shopping places in London, Covent Garden.


There are lots of tourists in London every day. Tourists usually visit different places of interest in the capital of Britain. They like to buy souvenirs to remember the places they visit. Covent Garden is a famous tourist centre in London. There is a historic Market Place here. There are lots of places to visit in Covent Garden. You can choose and buy any souvenir for your family and friends. After shopping you can have lunch or dinner in a small caf6 or in a big restaurant. In the evening you can visit a theatre. There are also lots of comfortable hotels around. Covent Garden is a popular meeting place.

After listening

1. Answer the following questions.

Who visits London every day?

What is Covent Garden?

What can you choose and buy there?

What can you do in the evening?

2. Fill in the gaps with the necessary words.

1. Covent Garden is a famous... centre in London.

2. There is a historic ... Place here.

3. They sell a lot of... in Covent Garden.

4. After shopping your can ....

5. It is a popular... place.

6. You can visit... with your friends in the evening.

Key: 1) tourist; 2) Market; 3) souvenirs; 4) have lunch or dinner in a small café or in a big restaurant; 5) meeting; 6) a theatre.



1. In pairs, ask and answer questions about Covent Garden.


What is Covent Garden?

What do tourists buy to remember the places they visit?

What can tourists do in Covent Garden?

2. Fill in the gaps with the words below.

Rynok Square, a department store in the city centre, have lunch in a café, souvenirs, tourists, visit it in the afternoon.

There is (1) ___ . There are lots of (2) ___ every day. They usually (3) ___ . They like to buy (4) ___ . You can choose and buy any (5) ___  . After shopping you can (6) ___  . (7) ___  is a popular meeting place in L'viv.

Key: 1) a department store in the city centre; 2) tourists; 3) visit it in the afternoon; 4) souvenirs; 5) souvenirs; 6) have lunch in a café; 7) Rynok Square.

3. Speak of a shopping centre or market in your town.



1. A walkman is more expensive than a camera. 2. Where can tourists buy souvenirs? 3. Those phones are cheaper than these ones. 4. Have you got a bigger size? 5. Try those trainers on.


T: Let's sing this song all together.

Ten brown buns in the baker's shop,

Round and fat with sugar on the top.

A little boy came with a penny one day,

He bought one bun and took it right away.

Джерело: English. – 2010. - № 43- с. 9-10.

Suggested level - starter

Ihor Matselyukh,

a teacher of English,

gymnasia of International Relations, L'viv

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