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Fragment of the lesson


- to expand pupils' knowledge about inventors and inventions;

- to stimulate pupils' thinking;

- to develop pupils' reading and listening skills.

Equipment: pictures with well-known inventors and their inventions, cards with some English idioms, a picture with a crossword, textbooks "Way Ahead", a tape recorder.


T: Today we are going to speak about inventors and inventions. Modern man appeared about 70,000 years ago. It took man thousands of years to learn how to control fire. Thousands of years passed before he invented the wheel. This great invention, which revolutionised travelling, transport and industry, is not more than 5,000 years old. Only 200 years ago man invented electricity, the steam engine and a lot of other clever machines. These inventions have completely changed our way of life. What are they?

Ps: Electric bulb, TV set, radio, fridge, telephone, personal computer, iron, mobile phone, car, plane, bike, vacuum cleaner etc.


T: Let's play a game "Who are you thinking of?" Use as many idioms as you can. Let's revise them:

1) number one - a person of first rank of importance, the best one;

2) eager beaver — a person who is always eager to work above what is necessary;

3) hit the jackpot — to be very lucky, successful, fortunate;

4) cook up — to invent, to make up;

5) to be on target — to achieve a desired goal;

6) lucky dog — a very fortunate person.

P I : I'm thinking of a person number one who hit the jackpot, who was on target, who was certainly an eager beaver and a lucky dog, who influenced the development of science as he cooked up the electric lamp. Who is he?

Ps: It's a great American inventor Thomas Alva Edison.


T: You were to find some interesting material about great inventors and inventions and speak about them.

Dialogue 1

- Hello, Vlad! Glad to meet you! How are you?

- Hello, Zhenia. I'm fine. Glad to meet you too.

- Did you like our last lesson of physics? I mean that one when we spoke about electricity.

- Certainly, I did. I couldn't even imagine that it was time when there was no electricity. It's impossible to imagine our life without a TV set, a telephone, a fridge, an iron, a tape recorder, a personal computer, a washing machine etc.

- You see, Vlad, all these electric appliances came into our life due to electricity. I think that we should name first of all the great English inventor Michael Faraday. His key interest lay in electricity and magnetism. He was the first to invent the electric generator.

-1 think it was great. I'd like to mention another inventor Benjamin Franklin. He was a physicist, a scientist and an inventor. He worked hard in electricity. He invented the lightning rod and this brought him fame.

- I think we should name one more inventor. I mean the American inventor Thomas Alva Edison. In his childhood he was very curious and always asked: "Why?" He tried to learn how things worked or how they were made. He invented the electric bulb. Owing to Faraday, Franklin, Edison it became possible to create telephone invented by the great British scientist Alexander Bell.

- I can't but mention the great German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen. He discovered his penetrating rays in 1895. Soon x-rays were in common use in medical practice.

- Another important invention connected with electricity was the invention of a TV set by the Scottish inventor John Baird in 1920. It has become the main source of information for millions of people since that time.

- It was a pleasure to talk with you. It's time to go home. Bye!

- The pleasure is all mine. Bye!

homas Alva Edison

Dialogue 2

- As far as you know I'm fond of cars and airplanes. To my mind a motor car is the most useful of all leisure inventions. German engineer Karl Benz produced the first petrol driven automobile in 1885. Henry Ford, the famous American manufacturer, was successful in designing and selling cars for everyday life — for business, travelling, family life, leisure time. He was the first to use line production for his Model T car in 1908.

- See, my Dad is also interested in cars and airplanes. There are many books and magazines about these inventions in our family library. I liked most of all the information about the Volkswagen "beetle". It was designed in 1939 in Germany. The car was designed with economy, cheapness and comfort in mind. Cars have given people great freedom of travelling around.

- You are quite right. But the greatest invention was, in my opinion, the invention of an airplane. Two American brothers Wright invented the airplane. They patented it as a "flying machine". The invention of the petrol engine helped brothers Wright to make the first flight in 1903.

- I'm fond of cycling. I think that bicycle is an outstanding example of a mechanic machine. Its history goes back to 1817. It happened is Germany. Baron fon Drez invented a mechanism on two wheels. It was rather funny. Then inventors designed the bike with a big front wheel to cover a longer distance. Finally in 1885, appeared a modern bicycle with two wheels of the same size.

- Thanks for such an interesting conversation. I must be going.

T: Do you think all inventions are useful and benefitial for mankind? Use the following words and expressions in your answers: success, suffering, progress, ruins, destruction, change the way of life, war, improve lifestyle, danger, pollution.

P I : I think some inventions are very good, useful and positive for mankind because they change the way of life, improve lifestyle and bring success and progress with them.

P2: Other inventions may cause death, suffering, war destruction, pollution of the environment.

P3: To my mind such inventions as computers, rockets, space stations, microscopes, telescopes bring us progress and success.

P4:1 believe that such inventions as planes, cars, bikes, mobile phones, radio, TV sets, trains, helicopters changed our way of life for the better.

P5: In my opinion vacuum cleaners, electric razors, microwave ovens, CD players, music systems, dishwashers improved our life.

P6: It seems to me that such inventions as bombs, dynamite, and weapons cause danger, suffering, death.

P7: I'm sure that such inventions as chemicals, hydrogen bombs, nuclear weapons cause death and pollution.

Джерело: English. – 2006. - № 16

Level - А2 pre-intermediate

Natalia Petrenko,

a teacher of English,


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