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Teaching objectives: educational objectives: to train and improve pupils' language skills in speaking, reading, listening and writing; language objectives: vocabulary consolidation, team work and collaboration with a partner. developing objectives: to develop good understanding of team work, sense of self-esteem, esteem of others.

Type of the lesson: quiz lesson, project work.

Equipment: cards with sayings, paper stripes with the sentences, puzzle-pictures, CDs.



P. Today we'll think and talk about our families.



(Teacher splits the children into 2 teams.)


Put the letters into the correct order to make a word.

strenpa (parents);

tnua (aunt);

erstsi (sister);

htafer (father);

oterhrb (brother);

rehtom (mother);

cenie (niece).

terhgdua (daughter).

(8 points)


Firstly, read the following phrases, then listen to the phrases and underline them in the list.

(Teacher plays the cassette.)

Tape script

For students

Who is this?

Which one?

That's a funny name.

It is his nickname.

He is clever.

Oh, I see.

She is beautiful.

Has she got any children?

What does he look like?

She is really pretty!

What is he like?

He is kind and friendly.

He is handsome, too.

He is kind and friendly.

She has got brown wavy hair.

What does he look like?

She is really pretty.

No, he is an only child.

She is beautiful.

Is that your father?

He is handsome, too.

Oh, I see.

This is a lovely picture.

(10 points)


What do you know about your mother? Study the list of questions in the Photo File of your mother andfill in.

What is your mother's name?

How old is she?

When is her birthday?

Where is your mother from?

What nationality is she?

What is her favourite day?

What is her favourite sport?

What is her job?

What does your mother look like? (hight, hair, eyes)

What is she like? (character)

(10 points)


(Teacherpresents a Helen Exley's Giftbook published in the USA. Some of sayings from that book are printed on the cards.)

T: Look at the sayings on the cards for two minutes. Then turn the cards over and try to remember as many phrases/sentences as possible. Each correct phrase/sentence gets 1 point.

"To my mother I tell the truth. I have no thought, no feeling that I cannot share with my mother, and she is like a second conscience to me, her eyes like a mirror reflecting my own image."

William Gerhardi (1895-1977)

"In a child's lunch a mother's thoughts."

Japanese proverb

"If you make children happy now, you will make them happy twenty years hence by the memory of it."

Kate Douglas Wiggin (1856-1953)

"My mother always phones me and asks, 'Is everything all wrong?'"

Richard Lewis

T: Which of these sayings and proverbs are about your mother? Please, choose some of them and fix to your mother's Photo File.


(Children are given paper stripes with different parts of sentences.)

Match the beginnings and ends of the sentences andput them in the correct order.

1. There are four.../...people in our family.

2. My mother is.../...very attractive.

3. She is..../...kind and friendly.

4. My father is.../...handsome.

5. He is.../...clever and brave.

6. She is.../...short with long blonde hair.

7. He is.../...tall with short brown hair.

8. My parents.../...both like their jobs.

(10 points)


(Pupils have prepared their projects at home.)

T: Let's listen to the presentation of your family.

(12 points)


T: Dear children, our lesson is coming to its end. Today we have talked about family. We should always remember that your mother and father, your sister and brother, your grandparents are your nearest and dearest people in the world, they are the best friends in your life.


Learn the sayings and proverbs by heart.

Джерело: English. – 2010. - № 6- с. 11-12.

Suggested level - A2 pre-intermediate

Svitlana Philonenko,

a teacher of English,

school # 84, L'viv

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