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Частина "Читання"
Task 1
Read the texts below. Match choices (A–H) to (1–5). There are three choices you do not need to use. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.
Some Tips for Teens to Succeed in an Interview
 Be Prepared
Don’t just show up for the interview. The more information you have learnt in advance, the better impression you will make on the interviewer. Take the time to get working papers (if you need them) and references, before you start looking for a job.
Be Polite
It’s essential to have good manners being interviewed. Shake your interviewer’s hand. Don’t sit until you are invited to. Don’t slouch in your chair. Doesn’t use slang or swear. Be positive, and professional throughout the interview.
Know Your Schedule
Know what days and hours you are available to work. The employer will ask. Flexibility is definitely an asset, because the more time you are available, the easier it is for the employer to organize your work. Also know how you are going to get to and from work, if you don’t drive.
4 Be Punctual
Arrive at the interview site a few minutes early. If you’re not sure where to go, get directions ahead of time. If you don’t have a driver’s license, make sure you have a ride.
5 Go on Your Own
If your mom or dad brings you for an interview, don’t bring them into the interview room with you. Go by yourself. It’s important that you speak for yourself and connect with the interviewer, without someone else’s assistance.
A Be Polite
B Be Punctual
Be Prepared
D Go on Your Own
E Dress Appropriately
F Know Your Schedule
G Prepare Your Questions
H Consult Your Parents
Task 2
Read the text below. For questions (6–10) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.
Ding, ding! When you visit the website Spatulatta: Cooking 4 Kids Online, a cheery bell signals that the fun is about to begin. Isabella and Olivia Gerasole of Chicago, Illinois, use the power of video to teach kids how to prepare tasty recipes. The cool thing is, the sisters are kids themselves. When last year they won for their website a James Beard Foundation award, named after a world-famous chef, these grade-schoolers became the youngest cooks ever to receive recognition from the group.
The idea for the website came from their neighbour, film producer Gaylon Emerzian. Isabella, 11, says when Emerzian asked the sisters if they'd like to help with a cooking website for kids, they knew right away that it would be fun. "We could do a website ourselves at home and reach kids all around the world", Isabella says. "We get recipes and fan mail from lots of different countries."
The sisters film new segments every two weeks. They set aside four or five hours to work, often while the neighbourhood kids are outside playing, and have learned a lot about lighting, filming, and editing. "The sacrifice is worth it", says Isabella. "Sometimes it is hard to fit in, but when you see your finished work on the website, it is the greatest feeling!"
Olivia, 9, has this advice: "If you mess up, it is just fine. I mess up all the time!" She says she's short and often can't reach bowls to stir properly. She's learned to use a stool and keep trying, "Mess-ups can be frustrating, but you'll get it some time!"
Since winning the award, the girls have been interviewed by television, radio, and newspaper reporters. They've learned that hard work can not only turn out to be fun, but can lead to surprising results. Isabella and Olivia have also learned that one good idea can lead to another. Their new cookbook will roll off the presses this fall.
6 According to paragraph 1 ___________.
A James Beard inspired Isabella and Olivia Gerasole
B the sisters got a prize for their humorous programme
C James Beard is the chief manager of the Foundation
D the girls show how to cook delicious dishes via the Internet
7 It is stated in paragraph 2 that __________.
A it took the girls some time to agree to Emerzian’s proposal
B the sisters get funny recipes from their neighbours
C Isabella and Olivia have organized their own cooking competition
D the girls are enjoying international popularity
8 In paragraph 3 the author says that the sisters _____________.
A make three new issues a month
B regret the time spent on the work
C have gained filming experience
D dislike playing with little kids
9 Which of the following is TRUE about Olivia?
A She cooks with neighbourhood children.
B She can cook few dishes because of her height.
C She has got to know a lot about film making.
D She spends hours per week answering fan mail.
10 Which of the following is NOT mentioned among the results of the girls’ work?
A getting interest from the mass media
B getting money and recognition
C getting their work published
D getting valuable life experience
Task 3
Read the texts below. Match choices (A–H) to (11–16). There are two choices you do not need to use. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.
Literary Heaven
There's nothing likeyourfirst great bookstore discovery. Here are some ofthe most remarkable bookshopsfrom all around the globe, each one ofthem is special in its own way.
11 It is a converted public transport terminal.
Barter Books
Barter Books is located in a beautiful old Victorian Alnwick railway station, in Northumberland, U.K., right where passengers once bought their train tickets. Barter Books comforts its customers with a homey feel - fires in the winter, a buffet, and a waiting room for people to sip coffee and read.
12  It provides an opportunity to become a business owner. 
E. Shaver, Bookseller
Nearly 40 years old, E. Shaver, Bookseller is located in historic Savannah and specializes in regional topics from architecture to gardening. Considered a local treasure, one allure of the store is the collection of antique maps that can be found between its bookshelves. And if you've ever dreamed of owning a bookstore here's your chance. Founders Edwin and Esther Shaver have put the shop on the market.
13  It is a former place for live performances. 
El Ateneo Grand Splendid
Certainly one of the most beautiful bookstores, El Ateneo Grand Splendid is a theatre-turned- bookstore in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It features eye-catching frescoes and sculptures - and, as if the scenery wasn't enough, customers can flip through books in theatre boxes and sip a hot drink in the cafe towards the back of the stage!
14 It is a welcoming location for international travellers.
Shakespeare & Company
The history of Shakespeare & Company clearly shows that this is more than just a bookstore. George Whitman founded the Paris bookstore in 1951. He had travelled the world, at times facing hunger and thirst for days on end, finally finding hospitality in the arms of local people. His experiences shaped his store's philosophy, and for decades it has been, as the store's website puts it, "a home-away-from-home for many thousands of writers and visitors from around the world".
15 It purchases second hand books from its customers.
McKay Used Books
McKay offers more than just books. The idea of a "free enterprise library" stemmed from the concept of trading books you've read for ones you haven't. This Knoxville store is stocked exclusively with items that customers bring in to trade or sell.
16 It offers visitors meals and entertainment.
Cafebreria EL Pebdulo
Though the books line the walls of Mexico City's Cafebreria EL Pebdulo, visitors can order breakfast, lunch and dinner from the cafe and drinks from the bar, all the while enjoying live music, poetry reading, stand up comedy improvisations and more. This cafe/bookstore even has valet parking.
In what way is each bookstore special?
A It offers visitors meals and entertainment.
B It purchases second hand books from its customers.
C It holds workshops for young artists and writers.
It is a converted public transport terminal.
It is a place to enjoy both watching and reading a play.
F It is a former place for live performances.
G It provides an opportunity to become a business owner.
H It is a welcoming location for international travellers.
Task 4
Read the text below. Choose from (A-H) the one which best fits each space (17-22). There are two choices you do not need to use. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.
Scientists Help Giant Pandas Raise Twins
Scientists Help Giant Pandas Raise Twins
Any human mother of twins knows (17) D at the same time. And it’s true for other mammals, too. “Nearly half of all giant panda births in zoos and research stations result in twins,” says Don Lindburg, (18) A at the San Diego Zoo. “Taking care of a tiny infant is such a difficult chore (19) F,” Lindburg says. 
“Every newborn panda is important,” says Lindburg. “After giant pandas have grown to adulthood, some of the captive-born bears could be released into the mountainous wilds,” he says. Those (20) C will help rebuild China’s population of wild pandas.
At China’s Wolong facility, caregivers are helping make the mother’s situation more “bear-able”. They gently remove one of the twins, keeping it warm and well fed for a week (21) H.
The twins continue to be swapped for months, (22) B and no longer need nursing. Bamboo, apples, carrots, and biscuits are added to the diet of mother’s milk when the cubs are about seven months old. By adulthood, the pandas will eat fresh stems, shoots and leaves of wild bamboo plants.
A who is the leader of the giant panda research team
B until the cubs can eat solid foods
C that mate and give birth to more cubs
that it’s hard to raise two children of the same age
E after female pandas get mature enough to breed
that mother pandas usually can’t handle two
who weighs about two hundred grams
H before trading it for the cub’s brother or sister
Частина "Використання мови"
Use of English
Task 5
Read the text below. For questions (23–32) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.
Stonehenge Village
Archaeologists digging near Stonehenge last year (23) A the remains of a large prehistoric village where they think the builders of the mysterious stone circle used to live. 
The village was shown to be about 4,600 years old, the same (24) B as Stonehenge and as old as the pyramids in Egypt. The village is less than 2 miles from Stonehenge and (25) D inside a massive manmade circular earthwork. 
Remains found at the site (26) B jewelry, stone arrowheads, tools made of deer antlers, and huge amounts of animal bones and broken pottery. 
An old road which (27) A from the village to a river called the Avon was also unearthed. 
The experts believe Stonehenge was like a cemetery where (28) D Britons buried the dead and remembered their ancestors. “The theory is that Stonehenge is a kind of spirit home to the ancestors,” Parker Pearson says. 
Next to the village there was a giant wooden version of the famous stone circle. Archaeologists (29) B this timber circle, which was only temporary because it eventually rotted away, was a symbol of life. Stonehenge, on the other (30) A, was a permanent symbol of the afterlife. 
Parker Pearson says the recent discoveries made around the (31) C found village show that Stonehenge didn’t stand alone but was a part of a much bigger religious site. People still keep worshiping and celebrating at Stonehenge today. They meet there when the sun sets
on the shortest day of winter and when it (32) C on the longest day of summer. 
Task 6
Read the texts below. For questions (33–42) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).
Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.
One of my (33) memorable summers was my trip down under to New Zealand and Australia when I had the opportunity to be a part of the People to People Student Exchange program.
Our delegation’s twenty-day stay (34) with action-packed thrills from diving on the Great Barrier Reef to nature hikes in the tropics of New Zealand. Our group also travelled to a Maori village where we (35) B overnight learning about the native tribal rituals, dances, customs, and beliefs. 
The trip also included museum visits, long flights and bus rides. I quickly felt (36) D home with the new friends I met from my own delegation. I am still closely involved with many friends from the trip. If you (37) C a chance to be involved with the People to People summer programs, I highly recommend doing it.
In March this year, Peter John Rigby, 73, from Skipton, (38) B reading for more than ten seconds by North Yorkshire Police's mobile (39) A amera on Beamsley Hill. 
Mr. Rigby pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and was fined Ј1,080. In addition to (40) D for 12 months, he was ordered to take an extended driving test. 
Dave Brown, Team Manager, said: "Those 10 seconds (41) C have been disastrous for him or other road users. This case demonstrates the clear evidence captured by the camera and should serve as a reminder to other road users of the potential consequences if they (42) A to take unnecessary and dangerous risks."
Частина "Письмо"
You and your family have recently moved into a new house. Write a letter to your pen-friend in which
• tell him/her about your moving in and briefly describe your house (exterior and interior)
• invite him/her to your house-warming party and write about the date, guests, entertainment
• explain how to get to your place (location and means of transport)
Write a letter of at least 100 words. Do not use your real name or any other personal information. Start your letter in an appropriate way.

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