Твір на тему: "My favourite film" / Мій улюблений фільм / Мой любимый фильм

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I want to tell you about the last film I have seen. It was the screen version of the novel “Gone with the wind”. It is an old film but it is still very popular. There are a lot of famous American actors in it like Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of its producer.

The plot is set in the USA in 18th century during the Independence War. The main character is Skarlet. The is no more lively character who makes the spectator palpitate. Skarlet goes through many troubles but her sharp and strong mind helps her to survive and to develop moral values in this cruel world.
The dialogues sound great and very natural. The old location is very realistic and the costumes are excellent.
Now different movie versions of novels and stories of famous writers are still very popular. I was deeply impressed by the acting and the film itself. I certainly recommended you to watch it.


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