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Fast food! It lives up its name, its fast and its food. The demand of fast food already became a necessity. Most people replace our regular breakfast, lunch and dinner to these fast foods. We all know it became a part of our lives, but we are not that sure the effects of fast food brought to us.
First advantage of fast food restaurants it is price. They provide consumers with breakfast, lunch and dinner meals at a low cost. This is one of the primary reasons diners turn to fast food when hungry.
Moreover, fast food cafes offer customers hot food much faster than most eateries. There's a reason so many people go to these locations. Busy,  they can order quick, hot, convenient food without leaving their car. It is especially helpful to busy moms and dads who need to feed their children in a hurry.
Although many people love fast food, these meal have a big disadvantage it can lead to the risk of obesity and other health conditions. Fast food usually contain high amounts of saturated fat. These fried foods also contain trans fats and can increase your chances of developing heart disease.
As for me, the best thing to say is that fast food is always dangerous to our health. But, it is beneficial to our present lifestyle and busyness.

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