Твір на тему: "The house of my dream" / Будинок моєї мрії / Дом моей мечты

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Everyone likes dreaming. Dream is a hope for better things. It helps us to overcome the difficulties of our life.  Some people in  the childhood dreams about a good job,  a happy family and a big house. The others imagine they have a lot of money or expensive clothes and cars.
I like to dream and I often imagine my future home. I would like to live in my own house  in a London suburb. I hope that there will be a forest and a lake with fresh water and a lot of fish near my house. 
Like most of London’s suburban houses there will be the ground floor and the first floor.  The ground floor will consist of the entrance hall, the kitchen, the lounge and the conservatory. In the entrance hall there will be a stand for hats, coats and umbrellas. The kitchen will be spacious and bright with all modern conveniences. I will have running cold and hot water, a fridge, a dishwasher. Moreover, I would like to have a modern sink unit with a  mixer tap and a double drainer, a line of smart cupboards all along one wall and three rows of shelves along the other. I like cooking so much, so I want a split-level cooker, an eye-level grill and a double oven.  My sitting room will be large too. I do not want to have much furniture in it. In the middle of the room there will be a glass coffee-table, a sofa and two armchairs. Next to the sofa there will be a tall bookcase. On the left I would like to have a fireplace. On the right I want to have a huge window. The floor will be covered with a beautiful thick carpet.  I dream about conservatory. Some of my friends say that I have a green fingers. In my conservatory will be a lot of different types of flowers.
On the first floor there will be two bedrooms, a bathroom and a playroom. In  one of bedroom I want to have an elegant bed with interior-sprung mattresses and continental quilts. In the other I would like to have some reproductions,  a parquet floor  and a sheepskin carpet. In the bathroom there will be a  bath, a basin,a  bidet. The playroom will be equipped with a desk, a blackboard and an ease. 
In the front of the house there will be a small garden with roses and  tulips. At the back of the house I would like to have  a much larger  garden with a lawn and some fruit-trees.
At the side of the house there will be a garage. The garden will be enclosed by hedge. 
I hope that my dream will come true.

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