Твір на тему: "The house of my dream" / Будинок моєї мрії / Дом моей мечты

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Everyone needs a safe, quiet place to live, 1. shelter from the outside world. We want to be confident and content in our own house or flat. It is quite easy to find the right place in the right 2. neighborhood for the right price. But is it  enough for you?  A house is made of walls and 3. beams. A home is built with love and dreams. My home is my castle.  I invite you to see the house of my dream.
The house is situated  1. at the bottom of the valley next to the River of the Chess. Unfortunately, you can’t see this river, because it’s a little bit far from here. House consist of only two floors: The ground floor and the first floor.  It looks very 2. gorgeous with this red 4. slate roof. White 5. chimney is at the bottom of the roof. There are two types of windows: 5. double-glassed and 6. French window in the 7. balcony.  As you see, I have two  entrances and 8.  a garage. My house  looks like a small castle. It is decorated with rocks and orange wooden figures. In front of the house there is  a small swimming pool, 3. lawn and a lot of flowers.  At the back of the house there is  9. a vegetable garden.  Let's go inside the house!
A hall is decorated with warm colours. Here we see two 4. oak chairs,  table and a few pictures on the wall. I like plants, so even in the hall I have 10. potted plant. 
Let’s have a look at my living-room. It is decorated in modern style. When you come into the room, you will notice a piano. Next to the piano there are two sofas with cushions and glass 11. coffee table. Next to the sofa there is tall bookcase. My main 12.boast is a fireplace. On each side of  5. mantalpiece there are marble 6.statuettes.  
Are you hungry? Let’s go to have a snack. I chose green for my kitchen, because this colour has the power to make people feel relaxed and 7. refreshment, especially after long day. As you see  the kitchen is 13. spacious  and 14. fully-equipped with all 8. modern conveniences. I have running cold and hot water, a fridge, a 15. dishwasher and  16. washing machine. I like cooking , so there is  a 9. split-level cooker, with  an 10.eye-level grill and a 11. double oven.  Funny electric chandelier is hanging from the middle of the ceiling. 
Let’s go upstairs. Here is my 17. bedroom. I chose warm colours like white, 12. beige, and pink because they don’t 13. overwhelm the room and give an impression of 14. cleanliness. My bed is quite unusual. On each side of the bed there is 18. a bedside lamp. On the left there is small but very nice 15. reproduction. Also here I have a 19. fitted carpet. 
My main boast is a bathroom. It is very 20. airy and  21.stylish. The bathroom is decorated in red and white. In the middle there is a big marble 20. bathtub. Next to the bathtub I have decorated 21. mirror and 22. washstand with silver 23. tap faucet. On the left there are 24. bidet and 25. toilet. Victorian style chandelier is handing from the middle of the ceiling. 
In the end I want to add that if you plan to make your house cosy, you should work hard, because east or west,  home is best.

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