Твір на тему: "Some aspects to make a comfortable house" / Деякі речі, що зроблять ваш дім зручнішим / Некоторые вещи, которые сделают ваш дом более удобным

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Dreams come true. If you have  the house of your dream, to make it comfortable for the whole family is the main goal. There are different advice to make the house safe  and cosy. 
First of all, would it surprise you to tell that colours around you affect how you feel? Colour can drastically affect your mood. So it makes sense to surround yourself with colours that you like and which remind you of your childhood, last vacation or pleasant moments of  your life. Red, for example, is a strong colour, so it is best used outside or in a room where you spend a short amount of time.  Orange can make us feel talkative and it  stimulates our appetite. So it would be perfect for kitchen or dining room. Yellow is an uplifting colour and can make us feel cheerful and happy. Nevertheless it should be used sparingly. Blue can help us feel calm and confident.  Green is a good choice for bedrooms. White can make us feel isolated and withdrawn.
Secondly, you must not to forget about safety at home. To improve security, check all he locks on you doors and windows. The installation  of lighting all around the house is very important too. 
Finally, if you have  children, you must protect them from injuries. You may fit safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs, use rubber mat in the bathroom.
Moreover, you should keep all appliance cords, knife blocks  out of reach.  You may also put safety catches on all the cupboards and drawers. 
To sum up everything mentioned above, I would like to say that there are many other aspects which can make our house comfortable and safe. You may use reproductions of paintings by famous artists and different kinds of plants.  We must not forget about modern conveniences such as dishwasher, washing machine, sink unit with mixer tap, basin, bidet, etc. So you should rely on your own taste and surround yourselves with things you like and feel comfortable with. 

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