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The practice of smoking tobacco originated among Native Americans in eastern North America, where tobacco is native. It was adopted by many Europeans following the colonization of the Americas. Nowadays smoking is a big social issue in many countries.
People start smoking for different reasons. Often they say that they smoke because it helps to relax, rest and distract from their daily stress and it is a big seductive advantage. 
But on the other hand, medical research has found that smoking is a major contributing factor towards many human health problems, especially lung cancer, heart attack, and other disorders. Research also showed that smoking is an important cause of premature death worldwide.
Secundly, tobacco smoke contains the nicotine, which forms a strong physical and psychological addiction. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, claim that nicotine is a “very addictive drug” that can be “as addictive as heroin or cocaine”.
In addittion to smoking there is a passive smoking. That means that even if you don’t  smoke you can become a passive smoker inhaling cigarette smoke that people smoking near you. Numerous studies have suggested that passive smoking can be harmful to human health. 
Personally, I don’t smoke and never smoked. I*m radically against smoking. I think that the smoking ban is a very good idea and it should be implemented soon.

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