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School is an important part of people’s life. It helps us change a lot of aspects including our outlooks, our choices.  When you are studying there sometimes you are angry with some people, annoyed with teachers about marks,  anxious about tests, bored with some subjects, jealous of  other people’s achievements, upset about different events.  Nevertheless, when you are older, you understand how easy, likable, cheerful and joyful was a school life. I am going to tell you about it. 

First of all, it is very important to have good classmates, because you are close to each other. I can say with confidence that we were really friendly to each other.  All my classmates were very interesting, determined, generous and clever people. My best friend Victoria possessed a great strength of understanding and coolness of judgment. She was often able to influence us, because sometimes our enthusiastic natures led to hasty decisions. I am really proud of Oleg. He was brilliant at tennis, and now he is the champion of Ukraine. We had tendency to go to orphanages. Our teacher of English valued and cherished it. She helped us to organized the great performances for those children.
Secondly, we liked to study. It was as easy as ABC for us. Teachers taught us that it a good idea to start with a mind-map when preparing some task. Moreover, they taught us always to write a first draft before writing up the final version.  I am very grateful to my school teachers for this knowledge, because I use it very often now and I can solve the problem very quickly. Moreover, they did not have the teacher’s pets, so we have equal rights. Our headmaster was straightforward and as wise as an owl. We passed our finals with flying colors because of  her patience and professionalism. 
Finally, my school has a long history and different interesting traditions. Our headmaster quoted famous teacher Makarenko who said “School without traditions will never have future.” She urged us not to forget about it. We really tried to maintain all the traditions.
To sum up everything mentioned above, I would like to say that school time was one of the better parts in my life. That period of time taught me that I should struggle for my dreams and always stay  a good person in any circumstances of life.


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