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To: Ginka Bogdan Ivanovych, Dean

From: Nataly Babchyshyn
Subject: Information about university life
Date:9th November 2014
The purpose of this report is to give information about some aspects of university life and to make recommendations for possible improvements.
General atmosphere:
University is one of the important parts of the student life. Although the general atmosphere is good, because teachers are quick- thinking, resourceful and ambitious people who  give a lot of useful information, there are some problems. Firstly, teachers do not have enough individual work with students.   Secondly, there is not  soup in the toilets. Finally, it is cold in the classrooms, especially  in the winter months.
University activities:
Students have the opportunities to take part in different projects which deal with life of the university and our town. Furthermore, we work with government so that we are optimistic about our future prospects. 
Suggested Improvements:
There are a number of changes that could be made in order to improve the situation. To begin with, I would strongly suggest that teacher organize different projects to work more with students. Also, some people should monitor the situation in the toilets. Last, central heating should be turned on during cold weather.
Conclusion: To sum up, I believe that if we include some of the suggestions above, we will improve university life. As a result, both teachers and students will be satisfied.

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