Твір на тему: "Post or Internet?" / Пошта чи Інтернет? / Почта или Интернет?

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We live in the 21st century. It is the time of great changes in all spheres of life. It is an era of modern technologies, computers and the Internet.

Of course I'm a user of the Internet. It is the best way of communacation. Every day I use it to talk with my friends and for work. It is a very fast and reliable way of communacation. Also it is cheap and convinient. Emailing saves papers and petrol - it's good for environment. However to spend much time near the computer is bad for health.
On the other hand we have post offices. post offices are very important in the community. Even if you buy some goods from the websites somebody must deliver them. Also I like colourful postcards and it is always pleasant to receive a letter from a friend.
In addition I suppose that both this things are very important and useful. Communication is very important these days and we have various ways to communicate with each other. Everybodt can choose the best one.

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