Твір на тему: "Obscure situation" / Заплутана справа / Запутанное дело

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There was one of the most famous and rich families in the world. People called them Smiths because that family had so many last names and nicknames that people forget all of them and gave them a simple surname. A father was hard-headed and extremely ugly and his name was Folder Smith. The man preferred to lie people rather than cooperating with them. That man lied like a gas master. 
Folder’s wife was called Gorgon Medusa due to her queer, disgusting, disheveled and scruffy hair. Theirs son was a chairman of one of their companies but he was up to snuff and people called him cunning Smith. The Smith younger’s parents burnt the candle at both ends, they were armchair travelers.   
One day elder Smith had his son over a barrel. The cunning Smith had to put the clock back and become a slave holder. These were curtains for theirs relationships and younger Smith turned the tables. But it was painfully for him to look at his evil father but cunning Smith had to get rid of his father and he did an impossible thing. His father was blamed to the capital punishment looking at his past bad lies with law and people. 
I don’t know what I would do if I had such a dad. But Younger Smith didn’t talk to his father anymore. 

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