Твір на тему: "Person who has influenced my life the most" / Людина, яка вплинула на моє життя / Человек, который повлиял на мою жизнь

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I often asked myself about person who has influenced my life the most, so I can confidently say that this person is my mother. Love at first sight exists because I have loved my mother since I opened my eyes. 
My mother’s name is Olga. She has been living in Ternopil for more than 30 years. She used to be a dressmaker. I remember when I were coming  to her workroom, looking as she was making  dresses. She made the most beautiful dresses, I had ever seen. Moreover, my mother had been reading me the fairy tales for hours, when I didn’t sleep at night. She was my first teacher.  She has been teaching me everything since I was young. And now my mother also  helps me , gives me advice, takes care of me, shows me the right way, always supports me greatly and does many things just for me. She has always told  me to be who I am. She is trying to find new ways and ideas to improve her family’s life because she wants the best for us.  
Now my mother is nurse. She loves her job so much.  My mother is kind of person everyone looks up to in his/ her community.  “I want to be like Mrs. Olga” said our neighbours very often because my mother had touched the lives of so many people.  My mother can be described as a kind hearted, caring and loving soul.  She is still a best friend, I think, she is the greatest psychologist that I have known. 
She  has always told me: “No matter what happens to you in life pick yourself up and keep going strong as you were.” She  also  says “What don't hurt you makes you stronger.”
There is a woman who takes an important part in my life and changes my thoughts and actions. I am a happy person because I have such a great mother.

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