Твір на тему: "People should spend more time with their loved ones" / Люди повинні проводити більше часу з своїми близькими / Люди должны проводить больше времени со своими близкими

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Our life is a short running competition  for money. People think that if they will have enough money they will have a perfect future, they will be happy when they will get enough. If they realize the fact that if they are working more time they will have less time to spend with their families. Their children will never grateful to them for the awful childhood without parent's love.
People should work less and spend more quality time with their loved ones. 
Firstly,  people nowadays  are living in a close circle. Every day they are standing up at 7 am picking their kids to school or kindergarten. After that they are on the way to theirs jobs. Working hard all day, they return  late in the evening. They don’t have time to relax. They sit to surf on the web or watch a movie on  TV. Then suddenly they see something new (a brand-new Iphone 5)  they will work harder to buy it, but the thing is that people don’t really need it . You can use the old cell-phone  and be better then someone else. You will have your point of view . You wont be a  sheep. Did you ever ask yourself “Why am I buying this thing?” Because someone else have it, and ill be like him, but you always must  go to your goal to be better then someone! 
Secondly, people are spending more time at work when at home. Either  the people who works on Weekend they even don’t have time to spend with their  loved ones. Your children will spend time with babysitters? In 10 years when you will take your pension it would be to late. They wont be glad to see you. Children need parents when they are young , to pass time and have special moments with them ..People  must to figure out the way of living including time off. Every person need support while they are growing up. Live the way you want to live is the best thing in the life. The life is short. Everyone needs to enjoy their lives. 
Finally, everyone is  choosing the work that they love to do  . Every person must walk away from home with the nice mood and after  when they return it supposed to be the same mood.  That’s means you have the best work ever. Also people must  choose work close to home , because they are always spending a lot of time in the traffic jams , long roads from work. When you are far away from you home it takes time to get back home. That time what you spend while getting back home , you can spend with you close ones.
In conclusions, people need to choose the right way of living in the new society. The way of living changes , but the fundament rests the same. The family is the most important thing in our life’s. The people who will always be with us ,are the people who are with us now. From the time we are young till the last days. The best choice  is to have time for everything . For work , time off and for you loved one’s.

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