Лист на тему: "Letter about healthy lifestyle" / Лист про здоровий спосіб життя

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Dear Julia!
I’m glad to receive a letter from you. How are things going on your end? It was so nice to hear that you want to lead a healthy lifestyle. And I would be happy to help you with this difficult task.
Firstly, you have to eat only healthy and nutritious food. It’s one of the main rules of healthy lifestyle.
Secondly, sport has to become an essential part of your life. Doing morning exercises, running, leading active lifestyle, resting on the fresh air – all these factors are necessary to be healthy and strong.
Thirdly, bad habits must be removed from your life. So, if you want to live a long and healthy life you should give up all your bad habits. A person with them risks to get a lot of illnesses, which destroy your nervous system and ruin organism.
The last thing, which is very important, is good and healthy sleep. Bad sleep can decrease your mental and physical abilities and become a reason for illnesses and stress. So, sleep is one of the main factors that influence our health.
I wish you would achieve what you want. And you’ll feel much better and healthier. As one saying goes “A sound mind in a sound body”.
Best wishes!



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