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My name is Ilona and I study in a Ternopil classical gumnasium. Our school is the modern two-storeyed building of a typical design. It is situated in a picturesque Verbytskogo street. Behind the school there is a birch alley which is our pride and adornment.
There are a not very big gym and a beautiful hall on the first floor where we usually gather to celebrate different holydays. Of course there are many classrooms in our school among them different specialized classrooms for the lessons of Physics, Chemistry, Geography and Biology and also classrooms for junior classes, language classes and others.
We take many different subjects at school. We study the Humanities: History, the Ukrainian language and Literature. We learn foreign languages. There are usually English, German and Latin. Also we have Labour and Christian ethics.
School lessons begin at 9 am. Each day we have 7 or 8 lessons, rarely 6. After each lesson we have a break. In our school there are small classes. Number of children in the class does not exceed 20 people.
In our school teach good professionals and just good people. Our school gives us the opportunity to get a good education.

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