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There are seven billion people in the world and everyone of them have a dream. Someone dreams about their career, someone wants to travel around the world, someone dreams to find their love and I'm not an exception. I also have a dream.
My dream is a not very big house in the country with a garden and a tiny vegetable patch. The quiet place where I can relax after a long work day and take a break from the hustle of the big city. 
I imagine this house in a traditional Old English style. It will be a two-story house with a porch and a huge rear patio where you can set in silence and enjoy the sunset. 
On the ground floor will be a hall, a bathroom, a dining room with a big solid wooden table where all family can get together for different occasions. Also there will be a spacious but very cozy living room with an old open fireplace and a soft sofa in front where you can sit in cold winter evenings with a cup of hot coffee and wrapped in plaid enjoy the crackling  of wood in the fireplace. Of course, on the ground floor will be a fair-sized kitchen equipped with the latest technology with a larder. It is very important to me because I love to cook.
On the first floor it will be three bedrooms with built-in wardrobes and bathrooms, a spare room and a small corridor. Also there will be several balconies with flower pots.
Moreover, there will be a large garden. In the garden will be some fruit trees, a small swimming pool and a shed for garden tools. Also there will be an alpine slide and a wooden swing. The garden will be enclosed by a hedge.
My dream house is a cozy nest, it is my home where where I will know every nook and cranny, every creak, every smell and every patch of light and shadow. My home will be my castle...

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