Твір на тему: "My favourite singer" / Мій улюблений співак / Мой любимый певец

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Britni  Spirs  was  borne  in  1981  in  the town  of  Kentvud  the state  of  Luiziana. Her  family wasn't  very  rich. Her  mother  was  a  teacher  and  her  father  was  a  builder. In  4  years  she began  to  sing  in  church  choir. Employments  in  different  dancing  sections  played  the role  in her  future  success. From  9  years  Britni  every  summer  went  to  New York  to  study  the  art  of  performanse. In  1998  she  signs  a  contract  from  Jive  Records  and  began  a  solo  career. The debut  disk  of "Baby  One  More  Time"  goes  out  in  1999  sold  in  an  amount  13000000  copies. To  the  twentieth  birthday  she  sold  37000000 her records. The  most  popular  her  disks: in 2001 "Britney" and  film "Crossing", in  2000  "Oops!.. I  Did  It  Again", in  2003  "In  The  Zone".
Britni  Spirs  is  one  of  the known  pop  singer  in  the  world,  but  the  price  of  her  glory  was  large. She  early  began  to  use   drugs, she  had  strong  depressions  from  which  she  treated  in  psychiatric  hospital, from  it  was  repeatedly  wanted  to  deprive  it  paternal  rights. But  she  passed  all  of  it  and, fortunately, presently  for  her  all  well.

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