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Our dreams are really important because they help us to go towards our aims. And of course everyone has just only for a moment imagined the house of his dream. All of us want to have an own dwelling, place where we can feel ourselves comfortable and homey. A big number of people have their snug places, but we always endeavor at perfection. And here is a description of my dream house.
I would like to live in the skyscraper, namely in the penthouse with an extremely big terrace. There will be a small swimming pool where I will swim after hard working days. And also I would like to have a rest there in a cozy sofa. 
My apartment must be designed in a postmodern style, big French windows which will make the house lighter and roomier. I’m fond of cooking, so I want my kitchen to have all modern conveniences. Also it would be great if there were one area for guests, a big peninsula table and a counter. 
On the second floor there must be a house library with a working table. I like minimalism, so I don’t want to have anything in my bedroom except a double bad. There must be different flowers all around the house. It will seem like you are in the charming garden. 
And at last, there must be black and white photos of nature and people. It will be the place where I will always want to come back.

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