Твір на тему: "Medicine in the UK and Ukraine" / Медицина у Великобританії та Україні / Медицина в Великобритании и Украине

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There is a public (free)  and a privat medicine in the UK. The NHS is funded through general taxation. In the UK is necessarily health insurance that provides treatment in case of illness. The HCS in the UK is one of the best in the world and  they have the latest technology.
The HCS in Ukraine is not so good as UK’s. In Ukraine there is also a public (free) and a privat medicine. In theory, healthcare is available free to all citizens of Ukraine, however, in practice, the free services only cover basic provision and patients often have to pay for extras such as specialist equipment etc. The positive side of the Ukrainian medical system is that it is not necessary to have expensive insurance.
Ukraine medicine is safe, however, you will be required to pay for it. The facilities,doctors and pharmacies have no money! You can find first-class Doctors and treatment, but, you must be aware that you will need hard cash to have anything other than very, very basic care.
There is not a "lack of medicines, etc.", only a lack of money!

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