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Dear Jane,
Yes we didn’t speak for a while, that’s okay I count yours situation at university.
Me too I am fine. My summer past so fast that I even didn’t recognized it, but it was full of new emotions. Oh my God, are you serious? I am so glad for you.
 Firstly not so strange at all that’s just we are a little different from you girls, and we have different hobbies.
I have never been in the situation like that, and it’s kind of hard to figure out the answer. If I were him, I am sure I would have a reason to ignore you. I think he is just scary about this entire situation, probably its something new for him. I think you must to talk to him first. He is the type of the guys that are very shy. He started to do some (Waves, to show you some emotions) but when he saw that you didn’t speak to him he just got scary. I think the best way in this situation it’s to go and to talk to him. Tomorrow don’t wait till the wonder come in your life.  Take your life in your hands. 
I am sure everything will be perfect, write me back as soon as you will talk to him. Good luck I know you are an amazing girl and everything will be alright.
Lots of love,

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