Твір на тему: "A Happy Chance" / Щасливий випадок / Счастливый случай

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Robert Brown is a tall and handsome boy, with blue eyes and dark hair. He is at the age of eight.  Boy is not the only child in the family. Robert has a little sister and a brother. Children are very friendly, they help each other in all cases.  Robert’s father  is a steward, mother is a poetess. His father often has a lot of exciting experiences on his trips.  
Robert’s family live in a big house near the farm. Like most of London’s suburban houses it consists of  the ground floor and the  first floor.  A stairs lead from the hall to the landing on the first floor, where are the famous works of  Rembrandt hanging on the wall.  Robert has his own room, which is special  equipped with a desk,  a blackboard and an ease. Boy has favourite subjects in school:  chemistry, economics, mathematics and physics. Robert and his brother learn a lot of foreign languages such as French, German,  Italian. Robert’s dream is to learn Chinese. He also likes to go to the farm, where are many calves, cattles, sheep, geese and even oxen.  Many people say that Robert  has green fingers, he grows different kinds of vegetables such as  potatoes, tomatoes,  couli-flowers. Moreover, his flowerbeds fascinate people all around.  In the shed which situated in the other corner of the garden, he has his own tools and instruments : shears, scissors, pliers, tongs. 
An extraordinary event happened to Robert last summer. One famous duke went near Robert’s house and noticed a beautiful flowerbeds. He was fascinated by that beauty.  After that duck invited the boy to his estate to help with garden. 
Therefore,  Robert Brown became known throughout the country.

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