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To: Mr L. Black, Editor
From: N. Babchyshyn, Assistant Editor
Subject: Chicken Hut fast-food restaurant
The aim of this report is to assess the good and bad points of the Chicken Hut fast-food restaurant. It will delve deeper into the information on the food, prices, service and atmosphere. 
Food :
Chicken Hut is a small  take-away  fast-food restaurant. The menu  offers a wide range of food, including burgers, sandwiches, chickens, fish, salads, snacks, beverages. However, there is not a wide variety of desserts.
The prices are quite reasonable although  some dishes, such as Ranch Snack Wrap, are rather expensive.
Despite the fact  that the staff at Chicken Hut restaurant are friendly, polite and they are able to make helpful suggestions about the menu,  the service can be slow sometimes. This can be a problem when the restaurant is full.
The restaurant has a tasteful décor. There are leather sofas, plenty of flowerpots, shelves with books. Despite the fact that the soft lighting creates a cosy atmosphere, the music is noisy. 
In conclusion, despite the fact that  the service can be slow and music is noisy, Chicken Hut is a pleasant fast-food restaurant that offers food  at reasonable prices.  Therefore, I highly recommend this fast-food  restaurant to anybody who likes fast food

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