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Our home have to be a quiet and comfort place for our heart and soul, a shelter from the outside world, a cozy nook where you always want to come back.
My family and I just have moved into a new big house in the suburb. We buy a plot three years ago and built the house from scratch. Of course, we take care to make it comfortable and cozy. 
We built a two-stored detected house. On the ground floor we have an entrance hall, a big modern fully-furnitured kitchen, a lounge with the fireplace, a dinning room and a bathroom. On the first floor we have three bedrooms with built-in wardrobes and bathrooms, a spare room, a small corridor and a bathroom.
However, most of all I am proud of my kitchen. It is a big spacious room with a beautiful views of the garden. It is equipped with the latest technology. We have  a sink unit with mixer tap and a dish washer, an electric sensor split-level cooker and a double oven, an electric grill, a coffee maker and a steamer. 
Furthermore, we are well picked color shames for our interior to make our home cozy and to feel comfortable in it. Basically we rely on our own tastes and chose pastel colors.
In terms of heating we have gas-fired central heating with big boilers and double radiators each with its own thermostatic control. Moreover, we have an underfloor heating because in the kitchen and in the bathrooms we have tiles and it is cold in the winter time. Also we have a double-glazing windows. It is very convenient because of  harsh cold winters in our region.
Also we take care about our security system. We have the installation of lighting all around the house and an alarm system. It is a good preventative measure against burglars because it's very important to feel safe in your home. 
I think you need to build a house with your own hands. Only then it will be your castle which always protect you. It will be the place where you always feel cozy and comfortable it will be your own warm nest which you twine by yourself.

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