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Healthy way of life has become really important in the present. People do their best to become healthier and to keep their fit. For a big number of people such a way of life is something incredibly hard and impracticable. They can’t improve their weight so they just waste their time. And at the end they squander on the chance. 
For example, a lot of people in USA gorge the fast food without thinking about outcome. People in France nibble food like birds. Ukrainians also encountered with the problem of healthy nutrition. If you devour in big amounts, the food can’t be assimilated.  Our stomach can’t work in such a way. For lack of the main alimentary nutritious, their bodies can’t function normally.
Fortunately, Ukrainians adopted Americans practices in working with overweight people. We created the show «The Biggest Loser» where specialists help fat people to improve themselves in all aspects. They go in for sports, go to the gym, compete with each other and eat healthy food. 
So, there is one rule simple rule, you have to eat less if you want to improve yourself. And I don’t speak just about your body. Rational nutrition will help you to keep fit and healthy, but also you’ll surely feel the easiness.   

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