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Dear John,
How are you? I’ m really glad to read this letter and I like you to tell me about your future plans. I guess that you have a huge talent and charisma which will help you to do your best and you’ll achieve success. Altogether, it’s great that you have your dream and you follow it despite everything. I want you to become a famous actor who will inspire people to do good things. 
I’ve left school and now I’m going to learn English to become a professional interpreter. I think that this profession is one of the most important in our world. Translators and interpreters can help foreigners to understand each other. They even can stave off a danger. I would like to graduate from the university and go to Europe to get a well-paid job there. 
Every day I spend my time improving my language skills. I’m fond of English movies and these are worth seeing. My teacher always speaks to me only in English and it helps me to feel myself like in a verbal environment, and it makes my knowledge deeper. Of course, the harder you study, the smarter you become. 
If you want to become a successful person you should work harder than others. You ought to know that fortune comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it. 
I’m looking forward to seeing you next month in my city.
Best wishes,

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