Твір на тему: "Family or Career" / Сім’я чи кар’єра / Семья или карьера

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Nowadays, people addressed an issue, what is more important in our life family or career. Most of newspapers and magazines announced that in spite of all pros and cons, career stands on the first place in a big amount of people’s life.
This problem has become pressing just in XXth century when women began to fight for their rights. Women tried to prove that they aren’t worse than men and they bended over to do themselves justice. They strived for the impossible and now we can see the result of their success. 
In modern society family is becoming really rare phenomenon because most of people reckon the family unnecessary and unimportant. Most of workers don’t take their time on starting a family. A hard-working person always wants to chase the perfect in her career. On my opinion, people have to achieve success in their jobs. They must have a deserving place in the society, steady income and highly paid job. Only then people may create a family. 
We must admit that family, parents and children are the biggest happiness in our life. Nobody can imagine his life without significant people who always come when you are in deep waters. Most people say that it’s really hard to combine work with family. But at the last you have to decide what will make you happier career or family. 

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