Твір на тему: "Some moments from my ordinary school life" / Деякі моменти з мого шкільного життя

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It doesn’t matter what century we live in or how old we are because all of us will remember our school life forever. It’s the happiest period of time in our life. That’s why I would like to tell you a small story about my school adventures.

I will start with the moment when I was in the forth grade. Describing my appearance I can tell you that a huge nose, tiny eyes, terrible ears and marsh-colored hair were my property. Yes, you’re right. I used to be an ugly duck. Approximately 70% of pupils in my situation would feel shattered, offended and even frustrated. They could  bury themselves in their books or start playing hooky or even become cross and livid.

Fortunately, I didn’t belong to the group of such people. I felt ecstatic of my life. It made me become a real eager beaver. I fell in love with my hobby and learnt off a lot of new things about painting by heart. At first it was difficult to make my dream come true but after covering a lot of ground, painting became as easy as ABC.

If you don’t believe me, then listen to this. One Saturday morning I filled in the blank and sent an application to the regional competition. Besides working hard, I prayed to God of victory. It was oration of a desperate soul. Finally, happiness had found me. I went through the tasks with flying colours and got a credit for it.

Of course I can tell you whether I became completely happy at that time but it was already a new more delightful beginning.

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