Лист на тему: "A letter to a friend" (request letter) / Лист другу

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Бендерська Юлія

Dear Tina,

Thanks for your message, I was very pleased to read that everything was alright with you. I’m very glad that we don’t lose touch with each other.

First of all, you should know that I’m writing to you for quite a solid reason. I want to speak my mind about different means of communication in my country. I’ve been thinking on this subject for a while and I prepared some small speech here.

Well, you obviously know that my mother tongue is Ukrainian which is one of the most beautiful languages in the world. So, face to face communication plays an important role for Ukrainians. Mobile phones and Skype are also very popular and they are very helpful for communication on distance.

As for writing letters, many people find it too out-of-date and they prefer to exchange messages. Well, personally I love to chat a lot and I can talk non-stop for a long time! Some friends call me chatterbox. Ukrainian’s body language is always very dynamic. Well, if you’re a native speaker, it’s much easier to look natural while you speak.

I really enjoy talking on the phone. I never switch it off, I’m always on the line with my friends. Actually, when I was small, I also liked using public telephone boxes, but there’s no need in it anymore.

By the way, I always forget to ask you, how many official languages do you have in your country? What’s your favourite way of communication? Do you like to talk to foreigners? Personally, I get so confused sometimes, that I can’t say a word! In this situation the best way out is to shake hands with the person and smile.

Well, I’m writing non-stop! I should be finishing my letter now. But I’m eagerly waiting for your reply.

Write soon.

Take care,


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