Твір на тему: "How I managed a day without the Internet" / Як мені вдалося провести день без Інтернету

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Every single person has a burning question about what the Internet is. The Internet is a branching complex of networks, which nowadays is known as “Internet”. It is a global system of interconnected computer networks to serve billions of users worldwide. One of the most popular networks amid students or even pupils is Vkontakte. Every one of us may say that Vkontakte is an indestructible network. You would like to surf there about 5 minutes, but, in fact, you spend there much more time.

And every single day, when I come home, I fall into the digital embrace and spend the whole day in the Internet, trying to find out some interesting information or chatting with my friends in Vkontakte or Facebook. Sometimes I talk to my relatives or friends via Skype. Though it can not substitute live communication, it may be even better to talk using Skype, than to chat in Vkontakte. So, I would rather prefer to talk to a person in Skype than in Vkontakte.

No one really can stop people from barging in and linking up to the Internet, especially to social networks. But in fact, nobody really wants to stop people from joining them. So, usually I spend days on the Internet.

Yet that day was much more different. Because it was a day without the Internet. As early as my cat woke me up, I finished my breakfast, smiled gently to my mom and went to the university. I was very happy knowing that it was Friday and I only had 2 classes and then I would be free and could do everything I wanted. But when I came home I wanted to switch on my computer and have dinner routinely, when I remembered that it was a day without internet. And as a matter of prudence, I decided to spend that day walking in the park near the lake. When I came back I was talking to my parents about my special day and we were laughing together. There was no clatter of sounds, no transmitting and receiving messages, only real live communications. And it was great! Now I can say that Internet has receded from the public view for me. It became like a quaint anachronism. From now on, it is not the most important thing in my life and I will spend more time with my friends outdoors, but not on the Internet. 

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