Твір на тему: "When I was a School Pupil" / Коли я була школяркою

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Мар`яна Фареник

School plays an important role in our life. We spend so much time at school that it becomes our second home. This time is precious because it only happens once in life. You can never do this again.

This is a short story about my school life. Two years ago I graduated from the school; but I still can`t forget those happy cheerful years. Generally, I think my school is one of the best schools in our town. I don't remember my first day at school very well but I'm sure I was excited, anxious, and a bit nervous before my first lesson. However, afterward I was very enthusiastic about it. From the first days I found new friends. Some of my classmates were as cunning as foxes and as wise as owls and some were as quiet as mice and as slow as snails. Despite this we were very friendly and close to each other.

My first teacher was a very likeable, sensible and clever person. I appreciate her very much. I suppose I have always been a teacher’s pet. I have never played hooky or goofed off. I was an eager beaver and I always came to class before other students. All the time I tried to do my home tasks perfectly, that`s why my marks were above average. Some subjects at school were as easy as ABC to me and I did not have to bury myself into books.

I know that I was bad at writing essays and assignments though. Now at the university I have learnt that it`s a good idea to start with a mind-map when preparing an essay. And also it is useful to begin with a first draft and work out towards the final version.

I also can`t forget my first exam, I felt apprehensive but I knew the subject inside out. I wasn`t a bookworm though, I just looked at past papers and memorized some things. As a result, I passed it with flying colors.

To sum up, I think that school years are very important for every person. It`s a period of becoming adult, achieving knowledge, and choosing your way in life. Very often school friends remain your friends for all your life. So I`ll never forget my school, my teachers, my classmates, my studies.

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