Твір на тему: "School Memoirs of a Student" / Шкільні мемуари студента

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Ярина Матушкевич

I have already finished school but I still can’t believe it.

Now I am studying at the faculty of English Philology. And being the student of the second course I often remember those years when I wasn’t upset , tense or worried about anything. My obligation was only to not play hooky, goof off or get marks below average. To tell the truth, I have never been a teacher’s pet but sometimes I received A for an effort when I did not do my home task or write my test well.  I can boast that I had nothing to do with plagiarism, I never copycatted, but at the same time I wasn’t a bookworm, I never buried myself into books until I knew the subject inside out or learnt subjects by rote. Sometimes I really had my nose in the book if I was interested in something or did just the opposite – did not crack a book.  My parents would be disappointed with me if I flunked out, so I tried to keep up with my classmates who were as wise as owls.  I was brilliant at writing compositions or assays.  When it was my last year at school I found it possible to start my work with mind maps, fast drafts and when it came to deadline I was not anxious about how my submitted work would be assessed, I knew that the teacher’s feedback would be positive.

But now, everything is different, more difficult. And to be honest with you I dream to go back to school and relive those happy years again.

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