Твір на тему: "School Years" / Шкільні роки

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Зоряна Коляса

My school life was joyful and pleasant. I liked to find out much interesting and new information. Those years I spent in school were agreeable for me. Our class was very united. Lessons of all our teachers were entertaining. Our form-teacher was a teacher of geography, a very good teacher. We loved her and she loved and respected us. We went to the cinema, museums, theatre and had study trips with her.

I liked to study at school. My favourite subject was English. Every lesson we learned poems and my teacher always gave me a positive feedback. Also I often took part in different English academic competitions, that is why I was the teacher`s pet.

Other subjects were interesting too, but on some of them I was perplexed, especially on physics. And before the tests I buried myself into my books to know physics inside out. On the lessons I often wrote the first draft before writing up the final version, it was my habit.

Apart from that, I like sport. There were many groups of sport interest in my school. I went in for basketball. It relaxed me. Basketball was my passion.

It was very important to have good classmates, because we spent a lot of time together. We were friends and helped each other with our lessons. Of course, work at physics and English occupied most of our time, we worked hard even after classes. But sometimes we enjoyed ourselves celebrating some holidays or somebody's birthday together. Then we would bring cakes to school, organize a tea party, dancing and having fun together with our teacher. 

The holidays which took place in my school were very joyous. We used to invite parents, teachers, pupils of the primary school and prepared a concert for them. I liked going to school because there I had many friends and wise teachers who always gave me a piece of advice. So I consider that school years are the best and the most wonderful ones! 

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