Твір на тему: "Home Assignment: One Day without the Internet" / Домашнє завдання: Один день без інтернету

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Once we got a special task at university from our instructor – to survive one day without the world network.

Facebook, VK, Google and other.com were not worthy of my notice that day. It’s because together with my groupmates I decided not to run browsers and click on the links on Friday. I can’t say that I winced when I was informed that we were not allowed to use the Internet for the entire day. No, I lived a lot of days without Internet before and I wasn’t edgy or gloomy because of its absence (in most cases). But the most interesting thing about this was that we experimented on our will-power and Internet dependence together. And the fact that almost the whole group didn’t surf the Internet is worth boasting about.

The day started as usual. I never use Internet before going to the university, so I didn’t even have a thought about it. At university I devoted myself to studying the new material and gaining good marks, so I didn’t have time to think about it also. Half of the day passed and I did not check my email yet.

I think (and most of you will agree) that the peak period of using the Internet among students is afternoon, when we come back home and need some relaxation after strenuous lectures and seminars. Also we want to become aware of all the news of the people who are interesting or precious for us. (And sometimes people can’t wait to find out how many likes their new photos have got :) I had had some worries that I would forget not to use Internet and as soon as I would start the Windows the shortcut of my browser would be clicked on automatically. As a matter of prudence I had disconnected my modem from the network. And even if I stretched my hand for plugging it in, I could easily remind myself about our group consensus.

After dinner I found out that instead of amusing myself by means of Internet I had to find another way. I thought of substituting it by a book, but I didn’t have anything interesting in a paper format. And reading books on the Net wasn’t the right decision then. It was a little bit curious – I had free time but I didn’t know what to do only because I used to surf the Internet at such moments. But it may be even a bitter feud that Internet became so commonplace that people sometimes even don’t see other alternatives to the most attractive technology.

After such deep contemplations I decided to do something that probably I’ve done once or two times ever – to do my homework on Friday. For me Friday always was the sacred nothing-to-do day. But that special Friday I broke into studying. And even the absence of the electronic dictionary didn’t discomfort me – I used a paper one instead! It was the most productive Friday ever.

In the evening I went for a walk with my friends and when I came back I went to bed. After some fresh air and small talks with my friends the day didn’t seem to be unusual. But there was one difference actually: the messages remained unread. 

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