Non-Governmental Organization "Educational Centre"

Non-Governmental Organization "Educational Centre"Non-Governmental Organization "Educational Centre" (ГО "Освітній центр" - УКР) deals with studying problems in modern education, searches for effective means of acquiring knowledge and information, fosters the development of educational process in Ukraine.

The organization was registered in December 26, 2014. It received identification code of legal entity 39571222.

Board of Organization: General meeting, Board.

The board of Organization:

The mainstream activity of Organization is directed towards supporting Educational portal ‘Academy’ – all-Ukrainian web-resource, which proposes free-off-charge:

  • integral online preparation for ZNO / EIA (External Independent Assessment);
  • a range of students` compositions, lesson plans, scenarios of educational events;
  • prospectuses of higher educational establishments of Ukraine;
  • recommendations of educators and psychologists;
  • e-library;
  • interesting historical studies;
  • in-time announcing and news reporting in education, etc.

NGO "Educational Centre" asks to support educational portal ‘Academy’.

You can:

1. Suggest your own educational and study materials (study materials, recommendations, lesson plans, presentations, scenarios of educational events, others); analytical articles, etc.

Materials can be sent to the following electronic address of editorial of Educational portal ‘Academy’
The best educational works will be published on the Portal.

2. Support the Portal financially:
• donate a small amount of money "ДОПОМОГА/DONATE"


• hand over computer-, video-, audio-, other technology or material resources.

We truly believe that our cooperation will improve the quality of education in Ukraine.


Contact us:

Mailing address: Ukraine 46002, Ternopil, 9 Zelena Str.

(+38) 067-925-87-37


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