Лист на тему: "A letter to a friend 2" (request letter) / Лист другу 2

Навчальний рівень: 

Козачук Дар`я
м. Суми, СЗОШ №6.

Dear Ken,
Thanks for your letter. Sorry, I haven`t writen for a long time because I was busy with my exams.  You asked me about Ukrainian culture in your last letter.
First of all, I want to recommend you to try Ukrainian cuisine, especially two dishes. The first one is borsh. This dish is made of potatoes, cabbage, beet and any kind of meat. You can also add sour cream before serving. The second one is varenyky. They look like patties with filling.
Secondly, I`d like to recommend you Ukrainian music. Personally I don`t listen to this, but my friends like the band `Ocean Elzy`. It`s a very popular pop-rock group in Ukraine.
Thirdly, I`d like to talk about Ukrainian-style decor. If you want to ornament your room in the Ukainian style, just use Ukrainian symbols and our national embroidery.
That`s all I can advise you. Drop me a line when you have time.
Take care,

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