Есе на тему: "Whether to stay in Ukraine or leave it?" / Залишитися в Україні чи покинути її?

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Nowadays, the problem of emigration is vitally important in our country. Each year people emigrate from Ukraine by virtue of various reasons. From 1 March 2014 to 1 February 2015 from Ukraine emigrated 8495 people. According to the State Statistics Service, in 2013 emigrated 18,7 thousand Ukrainian. However, according to a survey conducted in January 2015, those who are planning to leave the Ukraine were 17% compared to 4% in 2014. The problem is that the majority of emigrants are young people and they trying at all costs to leave our country. So, what makes them to resort to this?

First of all, it is unemployment. There isn’t enough decent work place, especially for youth. The result of this is that today in Ukraine many people live on a shoestring or even worse they can be a down-and-out. One way to improve the situation would be to implement the specific programs for youth employment. This would mean that all young people who are studying in university would be reassured that they would definitely have a job after graduation.

Secondly, we have such kind of the higher education that prepares the theoreticians but not the practitioners. Therefore, it leads to appearing of a great amount of professional who has no idea what to do on practice. To suss out this problem would be a good idea to provide in educational programs more practical rather than theoretical material. This would cause that we would have the postgraduates who are experienced, and already know how to do their work.

One final suggestion concerns the issue of the small business. In our country goes the process of monopolization. This results in decreasing of the small business. In this case, by the popular request the authority should make the friendly environment for the small business. This would enable young people to launch their own business, moreover, it would provide more working places.

To sum up, there are a number of ways to improve the emigration problem. Also, we can’t but admit that not only the problem that mentioned above cause emigration. We are at war now and it also, one of the main reasons of this problem. However, we should realize that it isn’t the right time to run away from our country. Conversely we should stay and try to do everything possible, so that our country could get out of the crisis. Because who if not we, when if not now?


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