Твір на тему: "My Escape" / Втеча від буденості

Навчальний рівень: 

Nowadays, people can’t find time in the midst of their impossibly rushed and hurried lives. We have to make some decisions, to choose some paths, sometimes it is right, sometimes not. As a cause we can find ourselves at  a loss without even knowing what direction to take. We find ourselves in the middle of nowhere in our life. Moreover, we realize that we are vaguely remembered when we have time to let our hair down.  So, we do really need a change.

As for me the best choice will be to go cycling. It enables me to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and go where I’d like to. It’s a really great thing! Imagine a ride through the countryside, enjoying the fresh air, blowing of the wind and  a delicate blossom. You can contemplate beautiful views, new scenes and no more towering skyscrapers and lofty buildings. Your mind is free from the serious thoughts. We can forget about the bitterness of life and escape from the punishing deadlines, household chores and non-stop ringing of the telephones, so long as we are on the bicycle.

Moreover, I can always travel in the company of my friends. We cycle along and merrily have the talk. Sometimes, we can take some food with us and make something like a small picnic. Then we pass time laughing, talking and cracking jokes.

Taking a long ride through nature can in fact break the chains of mind,  make the thing clear and open your mind to see the hidden roads that lie before you. It really helps me to escape and forget about daily routine. Cycling makes me feel like the sky is the limit and makes me to live life to the fullest.

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