Твір на тему: "Does history really teach us lessons?" / Які уроки дає нам ісорія?

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Talking about history probably many people today would claim that it is a portrayal of facts as they happened in the years gone by. But, in reality, history is a story. A story which gives us so many valuable lessons. I think, every lesson that we learn in life affects us. These lessons influence our process of making decisions.

On the one hand history enables us to see and understand our own time better, as well as understand the limits of human nature better. By learning the lessons of history and delving into the past we can better understand our present and are less likely to repeat past mistakes. There is only one rule - you should find history only from a reliable source.

On the other hand we know that history has traditionally been written by the winners. It means that the point of view of the conquered can be just as biased as the point of view of the conqueror. However, that is not the whole story. The writing of history depends not only on the «side» the writer is on, but also on the culture and attitudes of the era it is written in. That’s why history is seldom «cut and dried». The events are often complicated and messy but they always contain a grain of truth.

To sum up, I`d like to say that history really teaches us lessons. It teaches us to move forward, recognize our mistakes and learn from them, and ultimately create a better existence for all.


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