Твір на тему: "How to live without technologies" / Яке життя без технологій?

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Let’s turn the clock back and imagine how it was to live without technologies, gadgets and appliances. Start with getting up in the morning. No alarm clock, so a bit tricky. Jump in the shower, er no. Could heat some water on a fire but that would mean building one and as you had no alarm clock you are already running late. Cold wash it is. Go downstairs for a nice cup of tea and toast. Can’t do that. Still no fire to boil water for tea or coffee. Walk to school because of course there are no cars but also, there is no traffic congestion.

Can we honestly live without technology again? Maybe some of us, but I would think the majority of the population, in the countries that have become tech users at least, would not be able to make this transition easily. We live in the technological era with technological warfare, automated factory and appliances, high-tech gadgetry. In fact, we have become technology dependent, so much that we often fail to realize it. Could we endure the summer’s heat without air conditioning? Or the winters cold without heat? Moreover, could we adapt to a world without electricity? I don't think I could. I'm miserable in hot or cold weather. What about your car? I would not want to have to walk everywhere I need to. And who could go for more than a week without a phone? Also, people who are dependent on technology, especially medical, to survive will not survive without it. Furthermore, all this experimental research set challenge for serious diseases. We have endoscopic surgery, telemedicine to live longer.

In the long run, let's face it, we take technology for granted. Yes it makes our life easier, but the question is if we really could live without all technology offers us is still open.


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