Твір на тему: "Mobile phones: a curse or a blessing" / Мобільні телефони: прокляття чи дарунок долі

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Margarita Dychkovska

Can you imagine your life without mobile phones? People took to these news of technology and they became an indispensable part of our life. But are they a blessing or a curse?

Firstly, the benefits of mobile phones cannot be denied. On the one hand, they are a good tool to make calls. Moreover, they became our friends, as we can easily solve the problems, communicate with friends via mobile phones. People want to keep up with new kinds of mobile phones, because there are plenty of them: trendy, scruffy, smart, old-fashioned. Usually youth buys the brand names such as Iphone or Blackberry which are quite popular with young generation. In addition with immediate access to the Internet. They allow to explore the world away from the comfort of our homes. As a result, we can read accurate, up-to-date information, and also to make new friends. Finally, thanks to mobile phones we can buy goods online or just to make a call and our goods will be delivered to our door.

On the other hand, there are also some drawbacks of using mobile phones. The main disadvantage of mobile phones is that they are expensive. Another point against them is that they might be harmful for our health. An additional disadvantage is that people, especially youth, become depend on them. Have you ever seen these ‘addicted’ people who cross the road and look on their mobile phone?

All in all, if we use them responsibly and carefully, mobile phones will be a useful took for modern living.


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