Твір на тему: "Pros and Cons of Living in a Big Family" / Переваги й недоліки життя у великій сім’ї

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Victoria Djatchun

Is the life in a big family a blessing or a curse? Many people tend to think that a family life with a lot of members is a huge problem. But opposite points of view exist too. So let’s discover all the positive and negative sides of having a large ancestry.

Family is an essential part of our life and it definitely consists of a lot of positive moments. The first advantage of a big family is that you can always get support and understanding through hard time. In particular, you have an opportunity to ask for advice or financial aid of your parents, siblings or grandparents. They will never refuse to help you when you are in trouble and do not actually know what to do. In addition, you cannot possibly feel alone having many relatives. They are those people who surround you with care all the time, so you can often be the centre of attention enjoying their presence in your life. One more point of view in favour of a large family is that you learn how to work in a team and take turns. For instance, you can share the housework with your brother and sister and make a schedule to know exactly when it is your time to do something at home. Some feel that your siblings may be your best friends, because you always can gossip about something with them and share your personal moments too. Another positive thing of a big family is that they make stunning and unforgettable birthday parties for you, so you will be definitely taken aback.

There are a lot of advantages of living in a large family, nevertheless, this aspect covers some disadvantages as well. The most important drawback of having many relatives living together with you is that the house is always crowded with people. As a result, there is much noise every day at home as someone in tuned in watching reality TV and someone else is talking on the phone loudly what detracts you from doing your homework or other important activities. That may become a reason of falling out with some of your cognate. An additional disadvantage is that there is not always much money to satisfy everyone’s needs or to afford additional luxury. Therefore, sometimes you have to look after your nasty younger brother instead of hiring a babysitter or use budget airlines going on holiday on purpose to save some money.

All thing considered, I want to say that despite some misunderstandings and moments when you want to show the door to your siblings or parents, they are the closest people in your life. That’s why you must appreciate them. The global appeal of a large family is priceless memories which you collect every minute on every important family occasion. So remember to take care of your nearest and dearest, because they love you moa than anyone else in the world.

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