Твір на тему: "Should students study in Spring?" / Чи повинні студенти вчитися навесні?

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Kateryna Khrunyk

Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons. Everything is beginning to grow and there are a lot of wonderful colours of  nature. But students at schools and universities can’t see this beauty. You will  ask me “why”? I will answer because they have to study.

On the one hand there are  a lot of advantages of studying in spring .  Firstly, it is the end of the semester and students have the last choice to achieve good result . Another advantage of studying in spring is enough light to study and there are a lot of fruits and vegetables which will help them to keep fit  and lead a healthy lifestyle . Moreover they can wear different clothes and always be in fashion .  Finally students may always keep up with the up- to- date information.

On the other hand studying in spring has some disadvantages . The main drawback of   it is that students spend a lot of time on different classes and can’t meet with their friends to walk outside.  Another additional disadvantage of studying in spring is that students are at risk of becoming victims of different illnesses because they  haven’t enough vitamins in winter.  One more point against is that students  have to prepare for exams and other tests and  it  causes some phsyhological problems.

All things considered it seems to me that studying in spring may bring to good results but only if students think about their health. Students should study in spring as it is important period of their education. So encourage your children to achieve a good result.

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