Твір на тему: "East or West Home is Best" / У гостях добре, а вдома краще

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Tetiana Zadorozna

What is home for you? Place where you sleep? Eat and sometimes rest or something more. But home it is not just a place or a building. It is a part of life or even a history. And of corse every of us spend there a lot of time, including weekends too.

There is a lot of pros and corns of beind at home on weekends. Firstly, we should not forget that on weekends all family is at home and we can communicate with them a lot. Moreover, we can be the centre of attention and cook for them different dishes and have dinner altogether. It is often suggested that reading a book with a cup of cocoa in a warm bed is the best rest.

Also we can have some arguments about being out home. Hoveever, there are people who like to be in the public eye. In particular, to walk in parks or visit different discos and parties. And it can help make our weekend no so boring as it could be at home.

Taking everything into account I can say that it depends from person and her nature spend holiday at home or to go outside. All in all we can always say: «My home is my castle».

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