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Yuliya Zhydonyk  

Education plays a very important part in our life. It develops different sides of human personality, reveals abilities. Besides, it helps a person to understand himself, to choose the right way and adapt in this world. Nowadays, more and more students are interested in studying abroad.It is a popular choice among young people today, however is the best?

One positive aspect of studying abroad is the most intense live experience.It offers great opportunities for a better future. Moreover, it is a challenge which students must overcome to fulfil their dreams  and  keep up with modern life. Secondly, students have the chance to learn and improve their language skills and get quality education. It is often suggested that there is nothing better than learning languages with natives. They can practice with local people when they study at school. It's evident that they addicted to their much needed studying. An additional advantage of studying abroad is making new friends and enjoying experiences which may leave a lasting impression. Furthermore, studying abroad gives ability to manage own finance and earn extra money and get profits. It is one of the most valuable things students can do for themselves and their career. Sometimes it helps them to set up their big business abroad. Many people feel that  students become more organized and self-confident studying abroad which helps them in their studies as well as life.

Despite all positive aspects, studying abroad comes with serious difficulties ,too. The main important disadvantage of studying abroad is living in a different place and culture. They may also come across many problems for example,they can be taken aback with different food, bad weather customs and new lifestyle. Students can also become homesick. Another negative effect of studying is financial troubles. The cost of living is expensive abroad,especially rent, school fees, and food. Last, but not the least, disadvantage is adapting to a new environment .It is a real challenge for foreign students. If students do not have enough physical and mental strength, they will fail to adjust in a new environment.

In conclusion, living abroad is like learning what the big world looks like and how to face the difficulties. Therefore, it is a perfect chance, I think everyone should take it but be prepared for many challenges and changes. All in all, we know the pros and cons of studying abroad but everything is in our hands. To sum up, we should believe, dream and never give up!

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