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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing with reference to the article which appeared in last Monday`s issue of your newspaper. I wish to express my disagreement with the opinion stated there.

To begin with, I find it difficult to believe that such number of students is poorly educated and not proactive. Lots of my friends are academically successful and are enrolled in various social projects. For instance, Tom Smith is a student of the Management Department. He is smart and hard-working. The proofs of these are his perfect academic performance and achievements in economics. For example, he won the Circular Economy Award last year. Moreover, he is a member of the charitable organization “Hope” and helps orphans and people in need. My numerous friends who are Scouts organize a variety of events intended to make the difference. This month, for instance, they raise funds to buy the equipment for neonatal resuscitation for the hospital.

Secondly, it is certainly not true that the youth is lazy. With reference to recent statistics, the number of working students is increasing. All my friends, me and my acquaintances hold a certain job position and study at the same time. For example, Marta Stark is an undergraduate of English Philology Department and an English teacher in “Opportunity” school. She must work to earn her living. Although it is challenging for her, she manages to be successful at university and get experienced in teaching.

To conclude, I found the article to be extremely subjective since a lot of students have remarkable academic achievements and are hard-working and proactive. I hope my comments will be taken into consideration. And I look forward to reading more objective reporting in future issues.

Yours faithfully,
Yuliia Hrytsyshyn

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