Конспект уроку на тему: «Welcome to Great Britain»

Навчальний рівень: 

Давидова Ірина Валеріївна,
вчитель англійської та німецької мови

загальноосвітньої школи №12


Lesson 1.


Objectives: to practice new vocabulary, to develop listening, reading and speaking skills, to develop skills on the topic, to widen student’s outlook

Equipment: English 8 by O. Karpiuk, a computer, computer presentations (Power Point), the map,


  1. Greeting. Introduction

T. Dear students! Today I invite you to start on the most interesting, to my mind, unit – Geographical outlook . During our next lessons we are going to speak about geography and climate of different English-speaking countries and about our native country – Ukraine.

II. Warming up

T. Do you like travelling?

What country would you like to visit?

What interesting places would you like to see?

P1, P2 ,P3

T. A lot of people nowadays leave their homes and go to other lands. What are the main reasons of going abroad?

P1, P2, P3,…(Travelling, getting education, political problems, health problems, natural disasters, etc.)

               T. And today you are welcome to Great Britain – one of the largest countries in Europe. What do you know about this country?

P1. Great Britain is an island in the north of Europe.

P2. The capital city is London.

P3. Queen Elizabeth II is the head of the country.

P4. There are some famous football teams from Great Britain.

T. Ok, thank you. And now I’d like you to look at the map of Europe and find this country in it.

III. The  main part

Listening and reading (ex 1, p.84)

John: Have you had a nice evening?

Terry: Yes, I have been watching documentary film on TV.

John: Really? What was it about?

Terry: About sea trip to Great Britain.

John: A sea trip? I would prefer flying there by plane.

Terry: Sure, it is the fastest way of travelling. But if you want to make your visit to Great Britain more exciting, you should choose the other way.

John: Well, what is it like?

Terry: First you go to Calais by train, and then cross the Strait of Dover on board the channel boat. The English Channel is rather narrow here – only thirty-two miles wide and the crossing takes only an hour and a quarter. Then you’ll see the White cliffs of Dover.

John: Dover? What is it?

Terry: Dover is one of the most ancient ports. Right above the harbour on a cliff stands Dover Castle called “The Key of England”.

John: Really? It sounds interesting… Can you show me the way on the map?


T. I hope you were attentive and now you can answer my questions.

- What film did Terry watch yesterday?

- What way of travelling is the fastest?

- What way of travelling to Britain would Terry choose?

- What channel separates Great Britain from the continent?

- What is Dover?

 - What is called “The key of England”?

Practice the new vocabulary

T. Great job! Let’s practice your new vocabulary. I’ll read a word and you try to      translate it.

an island – острів

a strait – протока

the Strait of Dover – Дуврська протока

the English Channel – Ла-Манш

a harbour – гавань

a castle –замок

IV. Summing up


T. And now ask and answer the questions in pairs.

P1. Do you like to imagine that you are travelling to Great Britain?

P2. Yes, I do. I dream  travelling to this country.

P1. Whom do you travel with? Why?

P2. I’d like to travel with my friends because it’s rather interesting to travel together and to share opinions.

P1.  How do you travel there?

P2. I prefer a sea trip on board of the ferry.


Write 6-8 sentences about you trip to Britain.

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